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The Benefits of Barre Fitness

Thanks to Barre fitness, you don’t need to be a ballerina to get the strong, lean bodies that dancers have long been admired for.Best described as a fusion of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, barre fitness uses a series of targeted, repetitive, low-impact movements that quickly burns fat and sculpts muscles.

Just a few Benefits include:

  1. Barre is for ANY Fitness Level. Everyone is able to do barre and modifications are encouraged. Barre has little to no impact so it limits the tension placed on joints. Barre also focuses on muscle endurance and utilizes light weights with encourages good posture and alignment for all bodies and fitness levels.

  2. You can expect to gain amazing muscle definition all over! This extra toning is a win for us in the peachy rear department, but there is more to Barre than lofted and tones booties. Working on your glutes helps to strengthen all the muscles that stabilize the pelvis. This helps to alleviate pressure on the back, hips, and knees,” she says.

  3. You'll look and feel taller. Barre helps immensely with posture. Your core and spine are key to a good barre workout so elongating and standing tall while engaging our entire core system will aid you feeling decompressed and "taller" after each class. There’s also a large focus on strengthening the muscles through the upper body (chest and shoulders) in barre fitness, which in turn prevents us from rounding in our spines and sitting slouched over. After just a few sessions, you may feel yourself standing taller with a sense of elongation throughout your body.

  4. You' develop Abs of Steel Because barre focuses heavily on balance and strength, your core is an integral part of the training. As you use the entire core system (not just your six pack) to hold the body in a correct alignment, your entire core works harder and in tandem. Barre classes will give you a heavy core workout (perfect for keeping toned tummies in check) without you needing to lay on your backs doing a bazillion crushes all day. This might be especially helpful for postpartum mothers looking to heal their cores after being cleared for physical activity by their care team.

  5. You can forget about reaching a Plateau. Barre is wonderful in that its ever changing and you can always edit, modify and intensify all exercises. Your not just building muscle your buliding your muscles endurance. By squating 1 inch lower or holding your move for a few seconds longer you will always find class challenging.

  6. You'll gain flexibility. The combination of stretching and the focus on posture should allow your flexibility to be pushed to the limit. By no means do you need to be the most graceful, swan-like ballerina at the barre (the movements are easy to adapt for all levels). Give yourself a few weeks and you might be surprised at how your flexibility increases.

  7. There is no impact so you'll keep happy joints and be able to continue barre throughout the years. I have seen 16 year olds and 75 year olds ROCK my barre classes. This is truly a workout type you can do no matter you age or fitness level. Barre is also recommended by doctors and physical therapist for post-surgery patients since there is so no impact, can be done in a chair and uses supports (the barre). Also with the balance and ease to modify each move it is perfect for anyone coming back after an injury. Plus the workouts are fun too and get you up and moving.

  8. Reduces Stress We all know that exercise, in general, helps to reduce stress, but whereas yoga quiets the mind and HIIT gets it all out, barre likely sits somewhere in between. Barre is a mental challenge, as each movement requires a level of mindfulness to stay engaged. It’s almost like a form of meditation, as your brain remains intensely focused on each small movement. You may leave each class feeling lifted and calm.

  9. Better Mental Focus You might find yourself being quick on your feet when it comes to thinking and problem solving after your barre session. Exercise, in general, releases endorphins that keep your mind sharp. Research has shown that both pilates and yoga (which is ultimately what barre is) can improve mental clarity and keep you thinking positively


  • What is Cardio Barre? Cardio barre workouts are a more high-intensity version of a barre class that combines traditional barre with dynamic movements like pulses, jumps, and squats.

  • What Equipment do I need for an at home class? All you need is a waist high surface like a counter top or highjack study chair or even a couch or footboard. You'll also need a set of light weights (2-4lbs) a resistance band and yoga mat for a hard floor.

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